About Bogatte

Bogatte.com is an online boutique and fashion lifestyle based out of Kansas City aimed at free-thinking trendsetters with open-minds and care free attitudes.

Online boutique meaning small & limited.

I started Bogatte in 2012 with the idea of it being a boutique that offers only a few sizes of each item. I want every gal that buys from me to feel exclusive to what they bought. If you see something you like and it's in your size, I urge you to buy it because it may go fast.

Fashion lifestyle // free-thinking & care free

I not only want to sell you beauitful, trendy pieces but I also want to translate positive vibes & open-minded messages. We, Bogatte Gals are free-thinking trendsetters that live by our own rules and question what society tells us. We wear what we want because we know we will rock it. We are connected to our spirit in this big ole' world and won't let the masses ruin our attitude.

I keep it affordable because I know what it's like deciding between that beautiful lace top & putting $$$ in savings.

While deciding on what to buy for Bogatte, I keep a few things in mind. I look for creative yet functional pieces that can't be found just anywhere. I want my Bogatte Gals to stand out while feeling confident and sexy.

I tend to gravitate towards modern lines, soft floral patterns and 70s inspired pieces that can be mixed and matched. I also look for price points that won't break the bank. I know what it's like to need a new dress for the next gal's night with a shrinking bank account.

So go ahead and peek through our catalog filled with new goodies and old school finds. I have a feeling you will find something that speaks to you. 


I'm so glad you stopped by & hope you have found a new favorite shopping destination.

Chanel J.
Founder & Head Gal